Win the Talent War

Be the oasis in the desert that top talent can’t resist.

Give your employees a long term solution to low engagement through our Wellbeing Workshop in a Box and Digital Wellbeing Club Subscription.

50% of Workers Feel Burnt Out [1]

People who WFH work more hours than their in-office counterparts.

Over time, these extended hours lead to stress levels that make it difficult to do their best work.

WFH Presents an Obstacle Opportunity to Promote Employee Wellbeing

Homes weren't designed for work.
2020 forced us to WFH anyways.

Our Unique Wellbeing Workshop in a Box:

  • helps employees create a productive workspace at home
  • Feel energized throughout the day
  • Feel connected to their team

The Antithesis of Tech Wellbeing Solutions

Only 28% of employees participate in tech wellbeing solutions [2].
A human problem needs a human approach.

We use scientifically validated, tactile wellbeing strategies
that give employees sustainable levels of energy throughout the day.

We have two wellbeing solutions: wellbeing boxes and a wellbeing community.

Unique Wellbeing Workshop in a Box

  • Items to create an energizing workspace
  • Activities for daily wellbeing workbreaks
  • Activities to promote teamwork

Digital Wellbeing Club

  • Every session is led by a live coach
  • Mid week wellbeing check in
  • Monthly wellbeing workshops
  • Personalised digital health check

Interior Design for the Mind
(How it Works)

Our boxes are a marriage between ancient healing techniques and modern science.
They're full of items to place on your desk that are scientifically proven to give energy and promote happiness


An ancient, holistic healing system

Feng Shui

A design system that
energizes your environment

Positive Psychology

The science of wellbeing and happiness

How Promoting Wellbeing
Has Helped Our Clients


Increase employee
engagement & motivation


Increase employee
wellbeing scores


Reduced staff turnover


"In order to enrich our souls, our lovely partner Sharon has crafted this awesome, soul enriching pack to look after us and our energies.

What this pack represents, is self care, kindness and being soulful in life and work in a box.

Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR

Thank you so much - what a beautiful way to support independent small business who are trying to make a difference to the world we live in and bring health and well-being to the forefront of the conversation.

This well being box is just divine and such as beautiful concept.

Anna Hobson, Organisational Development, Talent and Culture Practitioner

Thank you soooo much - I love my energiser team box!

Especially the handmade sari journal

Ryan Hopkins, Future of Work & Wellbeing Lead, Finastra

£5 ROI for Every £1 You
Spend on Employee Wellbeing