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A soulful community that gives employees a safe space to talk about their wellbeing. This subscription also comes with a monthly curated wellbeing product to energise you through the day, sent to your door

  • A hand curated energising wellbeing product per month
  • Exercises and strategies to accompany the product
  • Personalized digital health and wellbeing check
  • Follow up group session with a wellbeing coach to create a customized wellbeing plan
  • Wellbeing Wednesday check in to prioritise self care
  • A monthly energiser wellbeing workshop with our partner Over The Moon Retreats
  • Classes include yoga with an instructor from India, sound healing for stress and EFT tapping to reduce anxiety

In the event of products being unavailable we will make substitutions of equal value.

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Synergy Between Your Space and Mind

We all feel how our environment can affect our mood.  Something as simple as the cleanliness of our desk or the smell of our home can affect how we feel.

Feel Energized by Your Space

Our boxes are full of items and activities to engage with. These will help you maintain sustainable energy levels all day.

Old Traditions + Modern Science

We take the energizing practices of Feng Shui
and Ayurveda and combine them with Positive
Psychology. The result is scientifically backed
practices, proven to help you rest and recharge.

Carefully Chosen, Made by Small Businesses

Every item in our boxes is personally selected and hand crafted by small business owners of underrepresented groups.

These items are meant to be used repeatedly and have lasting, positive results for workers.


Increase employee
engagement & motivation

Prevents Burnout

Company Culture That Attracts
Top Talent