Interior Design for the Mind
(How it Works)

Our wellbeing boxes are a marriage between
ancient healing techniques and modern science.
They're full of items to place on your desk that are
scientifically proven to give energy and promote happiness

For remote workers

Home Office Box

Starting from £99

Energize your workspace and take
meaningful breaks throughout the day.


  • Micro Terrarium
  • Wellbeing playlist
  • Ayurveda energising tea
  • Energising scents
  • Stone stacking
  • Activities to promote wellbeing
for teams

Collaboration Box

Starting from £79

Promote collaboration
and connection between teammates.


  • Personalized gratitude jar
  • Strengths cards
  • Colleague appreciation cards
  • Handmade sari journal
  • Team appreciation badges
  • Activities for Team Building
for the office

Office Space Box

Starting from £250

Bring warmth to breakout areas
and craft an office space employees
enjoy being at.


  • Water fountain
  • Neuroscientist designed wellbeing puzzles
  • 100 colleague appreciation cards
  • Framed quotes
  • 100 fun team badges
  • Activities to promote wellbeing

When You Buy a Wellbeing Box, You Gain Membership to
Our Digital Community that Supports Employee Mental Wellbeing

Our Memberships

Membership Only

per month
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  • Personalised digital health and wellbeing check
  • Follow up 1 hour consultation with a wellbeing coach to create a customised wellbeing plan
  • An agile journaling session on a Monday morning to set weekly goals
  • A mid week wellbeing check in session that helpsyou prioritise self care
  • A monthly energiser wellbeing workshop
  • One digital energiser product per month

Membership + Digital Product

per month
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Includes everything in the digital membership

PLUS Every month you'll receive

  • A hand curated energising wellbeing product in the post
  • Exercises and strategies to accompany the product