Interior Design for the Mind

Recharge @ Work is the antithesis to tech well-being solutions.
We belive that a human problem needs a human approach.

Our “wellbeing workshop in a box” concept is a novel way of reaching employees who are fed up of online learning (only 15% of people complete online courses).

Home is the center for work and, therefore, must be the center for wellbeing. Out goal is to help employees create a space where they can thrive. Our boxes energise your work space as well as your mind.

Connecting to each other is important so we created a community where people have access to a wellbeing support group.

We aim to be a force for good in this world. We put wellbeing at the forefront  and support other small businesses that care.

Our Founder

Sharon Aneja is the founder of Recharge@Work, a unique approach to combating burnout through Positive Psychology, Feng Shui and Ayurveda.

She’s an accredited Positive Psychology coach, and wellbeing consultant.

Sharon has an extensive business background and has led teams internationally for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 brands.

The wealth of experience she brings to the table is from a combination of lived experience of rebuilding her life after trauma and training in Positive Psychology.

Sharon is a mum to a beautiful 3 year old daughter. Every day she strives to be a role model that shows her girls can do anything and that businesses can be a force for good in this world.

Our Values


We are dedicated to bringing out the best in the real you.


We treat everyone equally and we value you because you are unique.


We do the right thing. We adhere to the EMCC code of ethics.


Compassion is our superpower. We have walked in your shoes.


We are partners on this continual journey towards positive transformation

Continuous Improvement

We have a Kaizen approach to development.